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Project Description
NBug is a .NET library created to automate the bug reporting process. It automatically creates and sends:
* Bug reports,
* Crash reports with minidump,
* Error/exception reports with stack trace + ext. info.
It can also be set up as a user feedback system (i.e. feature requests).

You can always use the bundled configurator tool to configure every aspect of this library and also take advantage of encrypted connection strings to secure sensitive information (ie. smtp server information, bug tracker apikey, etc.). You can choose to store your configuration via any supported method; inside your app.config file, in external file, wihin your code, and more. All the reports are compressed to be sended:


The compressed files contain queued bug reports which are waiting for the next application lunch to be delay-sended. These zip files also contain extended information about the bug like the serialized exception object, complete stack trace, system and application information, minidump and any other information as desired.


Bug reports can be submitted to any of the following: (- denotes features under development)

* E-mail addresses
* Redmine Issue Tracker (using REST api)
* Any web page or form (via HTTP POST request)
* FTP servers
* -Trac Issue Tracker (using XML-PRC)
* -GitHub Issues Tracker (using GitHub api with POST (HTTP))
* -Google Code Issue Tracker (using Google Code api with XML w/ POST)
* -Databases (using ADO.NET)
* -Mantis/Bugzilla

Integrating NBug to your project is extremely easy. As an example, adding below code to a winforms application's Program.cs file (and adding a reference to NBug.dll) will enable the application to report all unhandled exceptions back to the developer:

// NBug config
NBug.Settings.Destination1 = "Type=Mail;;;;";
// exception handlers
AppDomain.CurrentDomain.UnhandledException += NBug.Handler.UnhandledException;
Application.ThreadException += NBug.Handler.ThreadException;

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